Often foreign companies which are not familiar with the realities of the certain market they do not know, are afraid to cooperate with it, thus losing the opportunity to increase their productivity, reduce costs or increase competitiveness.


cooperation With the integration of the European Union, the exchange of services between its members has become very easy nowadays which greatly contributes to the efficiency of many sectors of the economy.


After the accession of Poland to the European Union, the procedures of employing foreigners became also significantly simplified, thus individual EU countries can complement a shortage of staff with the help of employees from other countries.


At present, Polish IT services market offers a highly trained staff of programmers and IT professionals. Numerous companies such as Google, Microsoft, Siemens, and HP opened their centres in order to take advantage of a young and experienced team of developers.
Our company also allows you the access to a new source of IT personnel from Poland. From the beginning we specialize in providing services for German and English employers, therefore, we know well the requirements of the companies in these countries.


In order to start the cooperation with us, please send your expectations about the candidates or the nature of the cooperation. We will take care of the rest. Please, get acquainted with our offer.

cooperation with Jeden IT