“Jeden IT” Polish Programmers – who are we?

We are programmers who founded the programmistic-recruitment company


We encountered very often in our IT career the head-hunter companies where a nice lady presented the offer on the phone, but was not able to answer even one technical question. We also took part in the recruitment process, where the tasks we were given posed many questions and no one was able to explain exactly their context. It happened sometimes, that even if we wanted to program in Java, the “agent” sent us jobs for Javascript!


 Therefore, as programmers we have created a company that combines the world of business with the IT industry understanding that the quality of the code produced is key to the success of the project.


Why we?


Over the years we gained experience as programmers in Polish and foreign companies. Many of us participated in projects of large global corporations such as:

As a result, today we know very well the expectations of such companies in relation to the project teams. We got to know the specifics of conducting large-scale projects, as well as we understand what may be the result of a badly constructed team.

Thus, we guarantee that the programmers we recruit have the features needed to create a team that is strong technically, motivated and integrated. This way we enable experienced programmers to participate in international projects, giving them the chance to work with market leading technologies.

Our services

Recruitment of IT professionals
Does your recruitment company know what Clean Code principles or SCRUM are? We do! We also know how important these concept are in the process of writing the code, hence we strive to provide companies with professionals, who are familiar with these concepts.
Verification of the knowledge of Java, C ++, ABAP, SQL, …
As programmers, we can check whether a candidate has mastered the art of programming to the required degree. We have been improving our skills for many years, so checking these skills at a candidate is a pleasure for us.
Creating project teams
Have you got a new project? Do you need qualified staff to implement it? Give us your requirements and we will provide you with a team of programmers.
Implementation of Java/J2EE projects
Do you need an application in Java/J2EE or maybe you don’t have enough people to maintain an existing one? Our programmers will undertake another programming challenge – this is our passion!


What distinguishes us

  • Verification of candidates by programmers
  • Years of experience in foreign and domestic projects.
  • Trained personnel having certificates: SCJP, Microsoft, SAP
  • Access to polish IT market.
  • Continuous training of one’s own IT skills

Our team:

Dr Marek Gałązka Jarosław Kaszubkiewicz

Doctor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. SAP and ABAP Specialist. He conducts research in the field of discrete mathematics (scale-free networks, graph theory) and theoretical computer science (graph algorithms). He is the author of several scientific publications and papers presented at international conferences. In his spare time he is a C# developer at .NET

Project Coordinator for the German and English market. Specialist in programming languages, in particular Java/J2EE. He participated in the creation of applications for companies such as Vodafone, BMW or the Austrian Telecom. Winner of the IBM Common contest and the owner of Java certificates – SCJP, SCBCD
Paweł Kokociński  

Specialist in supervisory systems and operation control implementations. A graduate of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Robotics at the University of Technology. Analyst of manufacturing processes with many years of experience in Dalkia S.A. His passion is programming low-level languages that support, among others, Siemens and Möller PLC controllers