IT experts outsourcing

programisciJeden IT which has been founded by programmers with many years of experience in supporting foreign projects provide foreign companies with access to the Polish IT market. We will help you find IT experts from all over Poland to work in foreign projects and provide JAVA programming services in Poland. We have our own programming team that can create applications as per your specification or develop an existing project. Our personnel consists of a highly qualified team of experts who programme according to SCRUM (Agile) Clean Code methodology. We encourage you also to consider Poland as a market which could significantly increase your company’s competitiveness.

If you seek for:

  • Software developer
  • Tester
  • Project manager
  • Database expert
  • Deployer
  • SCRUM master
  • SAP-Consultant
  • Architect
  • Administrator

We will find him in Poland!


We also are able to carry on the interview trough the Videoconference. You do not need any additional equipment – only the Internet access and microphone connection, we arrange everything!