Writing computer programs

Programowanie aplikacji As programmers, we also deal with writing computer programs and applications. At present, we specialize in developing software based on the J2EE technology. We strive to implement smaller and medium-sized projects, so that in a relatively short period of time, we can provide the client with a ready, scalable product.


We try to support the client at each stage of the program development – both in the process of creating the specification, architecture, later implementation, and finally maintenance and further development. As programmers with years of experience in various projects, we realize how important the quality of the code that we provide is. Therefore, we actively participate in numerous trainings and conferences which enhance our skills and knowledge of new technologies. Additionally, in our work we try to follow the Clean Code principles and to carry out the entire software development process in accordance with the rules of Agile (SCRUM).

If you are interested, please contact us, and our representative will personally get in touch with you.


A foreign customer


So far, we have worked and we cooperate with many companies from Germany, hence there is the opportunity to meet our representative directly in this country. To do this, please contact us by email or phone to discuss the details.