Pair programming verification

Programistów ubiegających się o pracę weryfikujemy za pomocą Pair ProgrammingAs the only company in Poland, we verify the candidate through Pair Programming, i.e. programming in pairs.

Recruitment consists in giving the candidate several programming tasks that he is to solve at the computer in tandem with an experienced and certified programmer from our company. After the session, a delegated programmer is able to assess technical skills, accuracy of the algorithms and design patterns selected by the candidate.

In addition, the quality of code and its compliance with the Clean Code principles is assessed. The customer receives a summary of recruitment along with commentary from our experts.

Pair Programming is the most effective way of exchange of knowledge between programmers, widely used in the SCRUM methodology. Most often it is used to integrate the new team members and acquaint them with the application code, which they will have to develop. In our company we use Pair Programming in order to learn the skills of the candidate. This approach allows to instantly see advantages and disadvantages of the programmer and is targeted to businesses that want to employ a person with certain predispositions.