Your IT business in Poland

Competitiveness is the key factor in business. Today in order to be successful or make their offer more attractive business owners must continuously innovate their products and improve the product quality. Sometimes it is hard to combine those two if we want to optimize the costs as well.


Some companies start to look for new ways to gain the edge over their competition by reducing costs while maintaining high quality of their services. That can be achieved, for example by transferring the business to other markets where business costs are lower. Poland has undoubtedly become one of such markets especially for IT companies. Polish IT specialists are highly qualified, experienced and well able to develop high-tech software at a very advanced level. The majority of young programmers from Poland speak English fluently, they often also speak German, Spanish or French which allows them to communicate effectively with foreign clients. Jeden IT will provide you access to those programmers.

Our company is open to cooperate with companies from EU countries. Since we have already participated in many projects in Germany, Austria, England and in other European countries, we are familiar with the work requirements in those countries and with the client expectations. We provide human resources and support startup activities when foreign branches are to be opened in Poland. We also outsource IT experts, programmers in particular, for project purposes.